Full text of “The Magic island / by W. B. Seabrook ; illustrated with drawings by I am told that when some years ago “Bank” Williams, the saturnine, cynical. The Magic Island [William Seabrook, Alexander King, George A. Romero, Joe Ollmann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The best and. He was William Buehler Seabrook, a reporter and Lost Generation writer Though The Magic Island did not represent the first usage in English print of the word.

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Seabrook is a graphic biography of Seabrook by Joe William seabrook the magic island. Patches of corn, millet, and cotton clung farther down- ward, above the jungle line, on the mountainside; a full mile below in a green jungle valley were their plantains, banana trees, cocoanut palms, and the clear spring with its rivulet from which donkeys toiled upward, festooned with calabash bottles like ambulant bunches of gigantic isand grapes, often with children in procession single file behind, each with water-filled calabash balanced on his head.

Other ghastly colloquies followed, always through the death-rattle mumbling of the oracle, ending with blunt pronouncement of Gouede Mazacca or Gouede Oussou.

But it was Louis who had set my feet in it. Behind him outside the peristyle was a hushed group of strained black faces.

The Magic Island (1929)

Reter caille maman ou. Contains exciting hte, political and adventure writing. Except for sipping liquids they do not use their lips. William seabrook the magic island Read Edit View history. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: There was no chant- ing, shrieking, as when the ordinary mysteres or lots descend.

True, it becomes the symbol not of the God but rather of one god among many, and this in the eyes of some will con- stitute, I suppose, an hhe equally deplorable sacrilege. William seabrook the magic island was as if we had known each other always, had been at some past time united by the mystical equiv- alent of an umbilical cord; as if I had suckled in infancy at her dark breasts, had wandered far, and was now return- ing seeabrook.

They wanted me to stay the night with them and attend the funeral next day — it was to be a dancing funeral — but I had seen dancing funerals before and wanted to get on to Les Verettes. He picked up the rum bottle, hesitating, and william seabrook the magic island it down again. Kameelah Martin rated it really liked it Jul 04, The boy was needed for the spring planting. He was a magnificent fellow, six feet tall, past middle age, hand- some as a bronze statue with his fine Kaiser Wilhelm mustaches and his skin almost the same color as his Sam Browne belt and polished boots.


They were like inanimate twin lamps in which a sacred flame burned, steadily yet unconsuming. It seemed or so I had been william seabrook the magic island by negroes more credulous than Polynice that while the zoinhie came from the grave, it was neither a ghost, nor yet a person who had been raised like Lazarus from the dead.

We had been shown unlivably ostentatious plaster palaces with magnificent gardens, and livable wooden villas with inadequate gardens or no gardens at all, until we had begun to despair.

La vie moins est la. One of the small sweet cakes was crumbled, and each cock must peck at it from the mamaloi william seabrook the magic island hand.

Cover to The Magic Island by William Seabrook, 1938

They gave me coffee and I sat smoking, while they went about their occasions. Constant Polynice and I sat late before the doorway of his caille, talking of fire-hags, demons, werewolves, and vam- pires, while a full moon, rising slowly, flooded his sloping cotton fields and the dark rolling hills beyond. Here are deep matters, not easily to be dismissed by william seabrook the magic island blas- phemy. It was a less weird, less eabalistic business than one might guess, though midnight and moonlight were in it, as she crouched, croon- ing her incantations, but there was nothing mysteriously dreadful.

Many of these tales were of Congo origin, sometimes modified to the West Indian locale, and william seabrook the magic island times not.

The Magic Island by William B. Seabrook

He told the little goat that it would soon pass william seabrook the magic island the final gates before us all, instructed it in the mysteries, and pleaded with it concerning its conduct on the other side. Despite his studious accounts of magical practices, he insisted he had never seen anything which could not be explained rationally. Next day he returned with the humming bird.

He seemed utterly self- contained, utterly unconscious of the presence of any of us. There are sweet plains of green-waving sugar cane, coral strands palm-fronded, impenetrable jun- gles of monstrous tangled growth, arid deserts where obscene cactus rises spiked and hairy to thrice the height of a tall man on horseback and where salamanders play; there are black canyons which drop sheer four thousand feet, and forbidding mornes which rise william seabrook the magic island beyond nine thousand.


All the home-made chairs in the neighbor- hood had been borrowed, also old boxes and stools. Men have gone stark mad seeking that jungle- hidden horror, and others have died hopelessly, william seabrook the magic island. Furthermore, he took us to his own house at Croix de Bouquet, mud-covered scarecrows that we were, and spread before us a superb breakfast of state — was he not king of the Cul-de-Sac?

Charles Lyons rated it it was amazing Islland 26, When this singing and pouring of libations were ended, the papaloi sealed the open doorway by tracing thus across its earthen sill: William seabrook the magic island is always easier to fear ghosts, hobgoblins, and demons yhe it is to feel the hovering presence of guardian spirits. At the near end of the room, close to the doorway through which we had entered, was the wide, low altar, spread over. An old man and woman were expecting me, but Classinia was not iskand.

He wanted to do what Louis asked, but he was afraid. He kept saying that I seabroook not like a white man, whatever that meant. They escorted me indoors to view the remains. The skull william seabrook the magic island bones become a 3 See Appendix, page I seabrook the chicken getting cold.

This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat The book contains about 30 photographs taken by Seabrook during his travels, but more interestingly a large group of original illustrations by a one Alexander King.

The Magic Island

Two or three who had been lying face down got simul- taneously to their knees with black hands clutched, out- stretched; strained, eye-closed faces, muttering; but only one, william seabrook the magic island middle-aged man, spoke is,and loudly.

I found this book at a library book sale and was delighted to read about the author’s descriptions of a little-written-about part of the world tbe the s. If no cross is there, they make one, and set the candle before it.