Full Summary. This product is included with purchase of entire Game Setup or any Deluxe Game with cards. With Strat-O-Matic, you are the manager – and. 29 Apr Somebody tracked me down on Twitter and asked if I had any other custom rules that I use when playing Strat-O-Matic. Why yes I do. But then. 0, On the roster for a pitcher what does the number to the right of the pitcher mean. by napakleen Tue May 29, pm. 6. Fri Jul 27, pm.

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To attempt the extra advance, consult the lead baserunner’s running basebqll at the top of his card if the lead baserunner is the pitcher, he may have a different running rating listed on the roster sheet than the standard found on the eight pitchers’ hitting cards.

And use each Strat-O-Matic rule as it was intended. Ignore all readings that have a black diamond symbol to the left of them. If a “PO” rare play occurs with runners on first and second or bases loaded and less-than two out, consider this an infield fly rule strxt-o-matic the batter is out and the runners hold. Any player who finished the previous season on an AL roster can be retained on a Liberty League roster, subject to the following penalties: If a player is traded after a block is concluded, but before the beginning of the next block, strqt-o-matic trade will not become effective until the conclusion of the upcoming block.

Our principles are simple: The average franchise has played 35 seasons.

Baseball Rule Book

However, when no asterisk is present, the manager of the team at bat may elect to have his baserunners rles to advance an extra base. Of course, the runner is out if the dice roll results fall within the out stealing range. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Please note that some batters’ power ratings vary against right- and left- handed pitching.


Big-leaguers’ power and batting averages are affected by the stadiums they play in. That, to me, should count more than a guy who started the 7th inning, faced four batters in the inning, and then was out of the game before the 8th inning started.

At least two weeks prior to the Draft, on a date designated by the Commissioner, each team must reduce their rosters. If he does not have this day of rest then consider him fatigued for that entire start.

As long as a division-winner is involved in the playoffs, that winner will have a higher seed than a non-division-winner, even if the latter has the better record.

All playoff games will be played via netplay. Upon objection by any member besides the affected one, expulsion requires approval of two-thirds of the membership. The other runner s automatically advance one base. If a guy makes 4 starts and goes 9, 9, 9 and 1 innings in his starts, his POW will be 9, not 7. In comparing fielding ratings, consider a fielder with a Range Rating the number immediately following the fielding position of “1” to be excellent, “2” to be good, “3” to be average and “4” to strat-o-matkc poor.

No team may tules until it has at least 37 players on its roster. An example may be found in of Tom Glavine’s pitching card. Use the Emergency Pitcher Card. The outcome of the play is resolved by utilizing the Sacrifice Bunt Chart which can be found on the Super Advanced Miscellaneous Chart and cross referencing the dice roll and the player’s bunting rating.

Each series will consist of seven games in a format, with the strrat-o-matic team having the extra home game. All rules of baseball apply.

Advanced Rules | Strat-O-Matic Baseball | BoardGameGeek

The stealer above will have a success range of if stealing home while not being held, and a success range of 1 if being held. If the Commissioner is the owner of a team in the league, such decision requires the concurrence of all of the members of the Rules Committee, and if objected to by any member other than one of the teams participating in the league, a vote of seven members of the League, with the Commissioner and the two teams affected by the trade not participating in the vote.


If the dice roll total was 8 two six-sided dicethe baserunner established a good lead and must steal.

This makes the game strst-o-matic realistic and fun. The pitcher is injured. In extreme cases, such as computer failure, the penalties may be suspended at the discretion of the Commissioner. This would give you the runners chance for advancement. When a batter becomes a baserunner or if there is an on base change ex: When you roll the same number twice in a row it will happen! Assume that the fielding rating of the New York second baseman is 2. sstrat-o-matic

Strat-O-Matic Baseball: Custom Rules

The New York Times. If the runner fails to achieve a good lead, he has the option of stealing at any time, or of holding his base. Please note that all homerun readings found on the pitcher’s card are preceded by the letter N.

Then read across to find the result. Refer to the flyball section of the “Rules at a Glance” to the specific type A, B, C of the flyball in question and determine the result in the same manner as Groundball A, B C. In this example, the result of the play is a single PLUS an error. If the number rolled is less than or equal to the appropriate rating then a balk or passed ball has occurred and all base runners advance 1 base.

In other instances, please note that rules especially for fielding and baserunning for Advanced and Super Advanced play differ significantly. The trade will become effective immediately upon confirmation by the other team.