Soundarya Lahari song lyrics from Telugu movie Saakshyam casting RBellamkonda Sreenivas, Pooja Hegde on the lyrical video,Soundarya Lahari song sung. Soundarya Lahari Stotram was wrote by Adi Shankaracharya. Devi Stotram – Soundarya Lahari Lyrics in Tamil: புமௌஸ்கலித பாதானாம் . Soundarya Lahari Stotram was wrote by Adi Shankaracharya. Devi Stotram – Soundarya Lahari Lyrics in Kannada: ಭುಮೌಸ್ಖಲಿತ ಪಾದಾನಾಮ್.

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But only you mother Never show the world in detail, The boons and refuge that you can give, For even soundarya lahari lyrics in holy feet will suffice, To remove fear for ever, And grant boons much more than asked. Oh goddess supreme, I always see in my minds eye, That your body with sun and moon, As busts is soundarya lahari lyrics in body of Shiva, And his peerless body with nine surrounding motes, Is your body, my goddess.

Though there are large number of translations and commentaries of Soundarya Lahari available this is perhaps the first time an attempt is made by a mere novice to translate them in to English verse. And that is why perhaps, Indra and other Gods, Stay outside your gates, And attain your sweet self, By practice of siddhis like Anima.

Below this is the mooladhara chakra The wheel which is the ultimate basis ,and two inches above is the Swadishtana ego wishes wheel chakra and above that and opposite to the belly button is mani pooraka the complete gem wheel chakra and above that opposite to the heart is Anahatha chakra deathless wheel and above that opposite soundarya lahari lyrics in the throat is the Vishuddhi chaka wheel of ultimate cleanliness and above that in between the eyelids is the Soundarya lahari lyrics in chakra Wheel of order and in the bottom of the brain is the Sahasrara chakra the wheel of thousand lotus ,They belive that the malefic bad thoughts of men sleeps in the mooladhara chakra in the form of a snake called Kundalini.

Your thanthra called Sri vidya. In the end of the case, Are your two feet, Studded with ten of your so called nails, Which are the ten steel tipped arrows, Sharpened on the crowns of Devas. With disheveled hair, With upper cloths slipping from their busts, With the lock of the golden belt getting open due to the haste, And with saris slipping away from their shoulders, Hundreds of young lasses, Run after the men, Who get your sidelong glance, Even though they are very old, Bad looking and not interested in love sports.

And can be called by several names, According to which aspect one sees. We also know wellThat God of all animals, your consort, Is very jealous of the asoka trees in the gardenWhich yearn for kick by your feet. Your two holy feet are soundarya lahari lyrics in above, The fifty six rays of the essence of earth of Mooladhara, The fifty two rays of the essence of water of Mani pooraka, The sixty two rays of the essence of fire of Swadhishtana, The fifty four rays of the essence of air of Anahatha, The seventy two rays of the essence of ether of Visuddhi, And the sixty four rays of the essence of mind of Agna chakra.

Soundarya Lahari Lyrics Tamil – Temples In India Information

And the God of loveManmatha, Took the form which is like nectar, Drunk by the eyes by Rathi his wife, After venerating you, Was soundarya lahari lyrics in to create passionEven in lahadi mind of Sages the great. When that angry fire of look of Rudhra, Burns the world soundarys, Then your look drenches it in mercy, Which treats and cools it down. Oh goddess who has beautiful rows of teeth, I tried to find soundarya lahari lyrics in simile to your blood red lips, And can only imagine the fruit of the coral vine!

Oh, mother mine, Gods like Indra and brahma, Who have drunk deep the nectar divine, Which removes the cruel aging and death, Do die and disappear.

Your moon like nails, Oh mother who killed Chanda, Which makes the celestial maidens, Fold their hands in shame, Forever tease your two feet, Which unlike the holy trees in heaven, Which by their leaf bud like hands, Give all they wish to the Gods, Give the poor people wealth and happiness, Always and fast. It is also believed that by Making suitable Yantras and reciting particular stanzas and worshipping the yantras almost anything can be obtained in the world.


The chain of soundarya lahari lyrics in pearls worn below, Is dulled by the incense and myrrh, And the paste of sandal applied there, And is like the tender stalk, Dirtied by the bed of mud.

Your form in my mind, Is the colour of red of the rising sun, Is adorned with three eyes, Has two heavy soundarya lahari lyrics in, Is slightly bent, And wears a crown with the crescent moon, And hence arises a doubt in me, That you were not satisfiedBy half the body of Shambu that he gave, And occupied all his body.

Soundarya Lahari Lyrics Kannada – Temples In India Information

To do creation in this world along with Shakthi Without her, Even an lyyrics he cannot move, And so how can, one who does not do good deeds, Or one who does not sing soundarya lahari lyrics in praise, Become adequate to worship you Ohgoddess mine, Who is worshipped by the trinity. Brahma creates the world, Vishnu looks after it, Soudarya destroys it, Easwara makes them disappear, And also disappears himself, And Sadshiva blesses them all, By your order given to him, By a momentary move soundarya lahari lyrics in your eyebrows.

Have removed their head gear, And wearing the iron jackets, Are not interested in the left over, After the worship of Shiva, Which belongs to Chandikeswara, And are swallowing with zest, The half chewed betel, From your holy mouth, Which has the camphor as white as the moon.

She who is the purple luster of the dawn, To the lotus forest like mind, Of the kings soundarya lahari lyrics in poets of the world, And thus called Aruna-the purple coloured one, Creates happiness in the mind of the holy, With tender passionate wave of wordsOf Sarswathi the darling of Brahma, Which are soundsrya and soundarya lahari lyrics in.

Oh mother of all.

And to your eyes which are the personification, Of the feelings of love, He gives lot of happiness. Mind you are, Ether you are, Air you are, Fire you are, Water you are, Earth you are, And you are the universe, mother, There is nothing except you in the world, But to make believe your form as the universe, You take the role of wife of Shiva, And appear before us in the form of ethereal happiness.

Sweetest words soundarya lahari lyrics in the honey, milk and grapes, Can only Come to the thoughts of the devotee, Who once meditates on your face, Which is like the white autumn moon, On your head with a crown with the crescent moon and flowing hair, And hands that shower boons and give protection, Which hold the crystal soundarya lahari lyrics in of beads and books.

Who considers you, Who is of the form of rays, And is surrounded on all four sides, By the angels of power called Anima, As his soul always, And who considers the wealth of soundarya lahari lyrics in three eyed God, As worthless and as equal to dried grass.

She who has a holy soundarya lahari lyrics in, The swans in your house, Follow soundarya lahari lyrics in without break, As if to learnYour gait which is like a celestial play. By Soundaryya and the elepahant faced Ganesha, Destroy all our sorrows. Oh Goddess Uma, You only tell us ,how, How we can describe, The shining of your hands, By the light of your nails, Which tease the redness of freshly opened lotus?

She who has a heart owned by Pasupathi, Your eyes which are the companions of mercy, Coloured red, white and black, Resemble the holy rivers lgrics, Sonabhadrawhich is red, Ganga which is white, Yamunathe daughter of Sun, which is black, And is the confluence of these holy rivers, Which remove soundzrya sins of the world.


Oh, daughter soundarya lahari lyrics in ice soundarya lahari lyrics in, Even the creator who leadsAn array of great poets, Fails to describe your sublime beauty. And for sure, Brahma the creator refills these daily, After your use, So soundxrya they are always full. So thine lotus like feet, Taking recourse to the musical sound, Produced lagari gems in your anklets, Appears to teach them what they want.

Many poets reach the Goddess of learning, The wife of the creaor, By composing soulfull poems. It is not surprising to know, Oh mother, Who does not have soundarya lahari lyrics in and death, On who is most suitable to be served, That the destroying fire of the deluge, Shows prayerful harathi to the one. Becomes the bed spread on which you sleep, And appears redbecause he reflects your colour. You wear the chain with fame, Like you wear the fame of our Lord.

Ohmother mine, When shall Iwho begs for knowledge Be able to drink, the nectar like water, Flowing from your feet, Mixed with reddish lac applied there? Works of Adi Sankara. You are Leading light of the home of Lord Shiva, Who destroyed the three cities, And so coming near you and worshipping at thine feet, Are not for ih with weak mind.

Soundarya Lahari Lyrics (Slokas) in English

Brahma, Vishnu, Rudhra and Easwara, Who are the gods who rule the world, Become the four legs of your cot, So that they are able to serve you always. Which soundarya lahari lyrics in oft lifted by the Lord of the mountain, Shiva, In a hurry to drink deeply from your lips; Which was so fit to be touched by his fingers; Lahair did not have anything comparable, And which is the handle of the mirror of your face.

Your face makes fun laharl the beauty of the lotus. Oh mother of the world, The lords subrahmanya, Vishnu and Indra, Returning and resting after the war with Asuras. I suspect oh, mother, That your forehead, Which shines with the beauty of the moon, Is but an imprisoned half moon, By your glorious crown, For If joined opposite To the inverted half moon in your crown, It would give out the nectar like luster, Of the moon lyricx a full moon day.

If the devotee can wake up this snake and lead it through each of the above wheels, step by step and make lyrjcs reach the Sahasrara, he attains ultimate redemption and sees the ultimate truth behind everything.

Mother mine, The well known tongue of yours, Soundarya lahari lyrics in without rest chants and repeats, The many goods of your Consort, Shiva, Is red like the hibiscus flower.

Which grants the devotee, All powers that give powers, Over all the states in life. Those souls great, Soundarya lahari lyrics in have soundarya lahari lyrics in all the dirt from the mind, And meditate on you within their mind, Who is of soundarja form of sun and moon, And living in the forest of lotus, And also above the six wheels of lotus, Enjoy waves after waves, Of happiness supreme.

My soul with six organs, Is soudarya to the six legged honey bees, Which dip at your holy feet, Which are as pretty, As the flower bunch, Of the Celestial tree, Which always grant wealth to the poor, Whenever lxhari wish, And which without break showers floral honey. These are supposed to be composed by the Adhi Sankara himself.

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I believe my mother, That you never shut your eyes, So that soundarya lahari lyrics in world created by you, Neverever faces deluge. The heavenly maidens pretty, With a wish to see soundaryq pristine loveliness, Try to see you through the eyes your Lordthe great Shiva, And do penance to him and reach him through their mind. I feel that thine face, With the pair of ear studs, Soundarya lahari lyrics in in thine pahari mirror like cheeks.