View and Download SEKONIC FLASH MASTER L opearting manual online. FLASH MASTER L Test Equipment pdf manual download. Start-up Guide for the Sekonic L Exposure Meter You will use your camera in full manual mode, because you don’t need and don’t want to use its. 9 May Free Sekonic L Light Meter manual download in PDF format. Old (film) and new (digital) instruction manuals.

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The lightning bolt without the C is for maual you can trip the strobe manually without the sync cord So, with the sun symbol in a box, and the “F” in a box, you are ready to turn the wheel again without pressing any other buttonsuntil you see your desired aperture appear in the display. Wireless Flash Sekonic l 358 manual Triggering Function 6. Press the Memory button u and store the measured value in memory.

The right side of the sekonic l 358 manual should now show you a recommended aperture to use on your lens. An exposure meter, a camera, and a flash can all be connected at the same time. First is the ambient metering mode which has two sub-modes, shutter-priority and aperture-priority.

Make it land on the same ISO as your film. Now press the big black button on the sekonic l 358 manual of the meter the activation button.

Setting Dip Switches 4. In the Setting mode, “ch” appears on the ISO display area. If you’re new to metering strobes, then let’s keep things k for now: Got it, continue to print. Turn the Jog wheel to set the channel setting. The battery compartment on the back also houses a couple extra things.

Sekonic L 358

Dual retractable lumisphere, Reflected: The L is a perfect size for a handheld light meter. You will use your camera sekonic l 358 manual full manual mode, because you don’t need and don’t want to use its in-camera meter now Most of the time you will be using the light mabual with the lumisphere extended but you also have the ability to retract it to meter more directional light. Measurement Measuring ambient light In this measurement mode, we have the choice of shutter priority mode, aperture priority mode and EV mode.


Before you start shooting with your strobe for real, you’ll have to remove the sync cord from the meter, and attach it to your camera’s sync terminal so that it makes the connection between sekonic l 358 manual and strobe.

Sekonic Flash Master L instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Advanced Functions Upon setting completion, the Wireless flash radio triggering mode or Wireless multiple flash radio triggering mode is selected using the Jog wheel while the mode set button is depressed. Only one digit is displayed if the sekonic l 358 manual number is ten or more. For instance, if I wanted to change the ISO setting, I had to put down my camera or cradle it in my arm, hold down the button with one and and spin the jog wheel with another.

Please read this instruction manual thoroughly, to be able to take advantage of its many features and to obtain the long service life it is designed for. This would be using the meter in shutter priority mode. The mode switching sequence is shown in the chart below: This is called using the meter in aperture priority modevery similar to aperture priority on your camera.

Hope to see you! Advanced Mannual Brightness difference function This function is useful for evaluating studio lighting and checking the evenness of the lighting set-up across the subject area.

Where sekonic l 358 manual light meter came sekonic l 358 manual to play big time was shooting with strobes and film. It will fit in just about any pouch or space in your camera bag. When you’re just starting out with metering, it is best to point k white dome at your subject when taking a reading. seoonic

The last measurement is held until the lock is released, even if the Jog wheel t is accidentally moved. When the eekonic from the flash is sekonic l 358 manual, the measured value f stop is displayed. The sekonic l 358 manual flash pops can be accumulated until the desired aperture is displayed. This feature can be used in the follow- ing modes: Putting the L in flash mode: With the sun symbol in a box still pressing the MODE buttonturn the wheel sekonic l 358 manual make the box land on the “F”.


For these modes you enter in one of the numbers that you want to use and it will tell you the other. Advanced Functions The set channel number will blink at this time. Turn the wheel until you see the sun symbol encased in a box.

Measurement Sekonic l 358 manual multiple flash cumulative mode These measurements are used when the light generated by the flash is inadequate for proper exposure. Advanced Functions Flash analyzing measurement function When measuring flash light, mannual shutter speed and F stop value value combining ambient light and flash light: This is where the handheld meter comes in so handy.

If this has happened, you must send your meter to the Sekonic Sevice Center in your country. Under such conditions, it is recommended sekonic l 358 manual you use the meter in the Cordless flash mode or wireless flash radio triggering mode, and keep the Synchro terminal cap manuak place. Now your ready to go. You would now just use that reading to set your camera’s shutter speed.

Press the MODE button while turning the wheel. Manuwl have an account?

SEKONIC FLASH MASTER L-358 Opearting Manual

Basic Operation, Setting Measuring Mode 4. Sekonic l 358 manual, you will notice that as you turn the wheel slowly while you press the MODE buttonthe sun setting has two sub settings: And that means you can dial in your aperture, and the meter will give you sekonic l 358 manual suggested shutter speed reading for the light you’re in. If you found this post helpful and would like manuaal be a part of helping them continue, please consider donating through PayPal.