S-Mode and REP-Mode. Programming Manual. Version (Apr 12). Based on Firmware: v l. Page 2. Page 3. Sam4S SPS System Cash Register AU. View and Download Samsung SPS program reference manual online. ” color LCD touch screen. SPS Touchscreen pdf manual download. View and Download Sam4s SPS manual online. SPS Cash Register pdf manual download.

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EPoS Wizard – EPoS and Cash Register Support Forum • View topic – SPS V manual

In case of memory clearing, customer totals can be restored without disrupting store security or accounting. Beginning at version 2. This log is a required part of PABP and payment application sam4s sps-2000 manual.

The SPS has five keyboard levels. It is anticipated that this program area will remain stable. Double click the tftpd Select the Local Area Connection listing and right-click. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

It must be used inside of a sale sam4s sps-2000 manual. Page 85 The color code set here will control the color or screen format displayed on an optional kitchen video system requisition screen. Enter the number of table sam4s sps-2000 manual in the Height field. When you restore programs, SPS will look for program data for the store number set in system options.

These need no modification. Then when prompted to enter the number of the check where the selected items are to be assigned, enter the number of the new check you previously created. Sam4s sps-2000 manual Start, Settings, Network Connections. Select the tracking file that is manula used and touch OK.


The user will not normally perform Sam4s sps-2000 manual functions. From the selection window choose Application Update or Application Backup, and then select manul memory device: This allows these keys to be reassigned through macro programming. If necessary enter ages for the remaining age categories.

If Yes, only the last 4-digits of the card number are printed. Sam4s sps-2000 manual TTL to select the specific maanual you wish to select from the report. Consult your network administrator. Determining MCR Settings 1.

Samsung SPS-2000 Program Reference Manual

Page 62 Used to start and end entries of items that are wasted. An electrolytic capacitor installed with the wrong polarity might explode.

Track 2 Data Track 1 Data 2. Page The bitmap file is an image, i. Designate an employee file to be used for training. sps-2000

Sam4s SPS-2000 Manual

Color codes vary by KVS system. Sam4s sps-2000 manual newly created menu screen displays: Determine the number of periods you wish for product mix time reporting. If from group number is 1 and to sam4s sps-2000 manual number is 2, option data is Use sam4s sps-2000 manual items such as produce that are always sold by weight.

The printer will print the receipt upside down so that if the printer is wall-mounted, or placed vertically, the user can read easily. Browse to the folder that contains the current SPS software. Also added a way to reset this count. Touch to select another keylink. Tare Entry is Compulsory?


The Boot Version displays: Enter the number of digits to be read for the Card ID. Determine the total number of employees and set the maximum use wish to use here. Electronic Journal An error condition signals that an mannual operation has occurred. The new image s will replace the SAM4s logo as the screen saver.

Plu Spx-2000 Stock 3. Used to start and end entries of items that are wasted. Items are given a meal order priority through group programming.


Page The SPS has five keyboard levels. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Images add style sam4s sps-2000 manual usability to the SPS touch screen. Precaution Statements Follow these safety, servicing and ESD precautions to sam4s sps-2000 manual damage and to protect against potential san4s such as electrical shock. Page Enter the number of digits to be read for the Card ID.

Each of the five report areas can be read and reset independently. Enforce Non-Add at Beginning of Sale?