Metric measurements give actual sizes of a tube or a fluid pipe. It is important to note that most SAE J threads are identical to SAE 45º flare threads but. 29 Sep Anyone happen to have a pdf of this on hand? looking for the male 37degree fitting portions. Dk-Lok SAE Straight O-Ring Seal Fittings are of positionable feature and provide connection tube to Male or External Fitting End Dimensions to SAE J

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No matter what type of port, tube or hose ends your fittings have, it’s important to know and use the proper assembly and installation steps. I have no plans on working on aircraft, nor anything else where aircraft quality is needed. Subscribe to TFD techConnect posts by email.

SAE J, Straight Thread O-Ring Boss (ORB)

Subscribe today and stay informed. AN fittings are manufactured to meet above standards.


Recently had to address this in the field. TFD techConnect is a technically-focused monthly blog written for engineers dimsnsions around motion and control engineering challenges.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them and we will respond if warranted. It is important to note that you should not mix components in the particular assembly — meaning that the nuts and sleeves attached to this fitting need to be AN as well.

Tighter tolerances and better fatigue life for aircraft, aerospace, military applications Military Conformance Standards: Properly assembling your fitting connections help to ensure that your systems install and stay leak-free.

JIC Fitting Chart

I can understand why industrial 37′ fittings should never be used in place of AN 37′ fitting, but what about the reverse? Did you find this post helpful?

Do you want to receive new product announcements and technology updates from Parker Tube Fittings Division? They were adopted by Air Corps, a part of the U.


SAE J Dimensions/specs

This also applies to the material — all components of dimensiions fitting assembly should be the same material. Have a question about Parker products or services? Blog Home Contact Parker. AN fittings remain prevalent today. Subscribe to This Team. Additional related content about hydraulic tube, hose, and port fitting connections: Army at that time, as AC and AC I have a box of AN 37′ Dimensiions was given, automotive fittingsbut can purchase industrial 37′ fittings at employee pricing from MSC, where my wife works, so there is a big price difference.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Over the years, we have received quite a few inquiries regarding “AN” fittings. Available commonly in carbon steel, stainless steel, and brass General: