Purusha suktam. Simple English Meaning(word by word). By Sri Kotikanyadanam Sreekrishna Tatachar. Here is a compilation of verses and meaning with some. 16 Apr Among the great Gods of the Vedas is the Purusha, which in simple translation means the “male”. But the word actually indicates Lord Vishnu. The Purusha (the Supreme Being), who has thousands of heads, thousands of eyes and thousands of feet enveloped the earth on all sides and stood beyond it .

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The Devas performed the external Yagya by meditating on the real Yagya; And thus they first obtained the Dharma.

Purusha Suktam with English Translation

From his belly button was born the sky, From his head was born the heavens, From his feet iin purusha suktam meaning in english the earth, From his ears was born the directions, And thus was made all the worlds, Just by his holy wish. The language of this hymn is particularly sweet, rhythmical and polished and this has led to its being regarded as the product of a later age when the capabilities of the language had been developed.

Thri saptha samidha Krutha. Tripat oordhva udait purushah Over and above three parts of measured God Purusha suktam meaning in english asya iha abhavat punah One more part remained however Tato vishvang akraamat The three parts covered the world of perception Sa ashana anashane abhi Those which are consumable and un consumable.

Purusha Suktam with English Translation

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Many great sages have given details of how this great Suthra should be used in fire sacrifices purusha suktam meaning in english many sages including the great Sayanacharya have written commentaries on Purusha Suktham.


Prajapathis charathi garbhe antha. Mukham kimsya koo bahu. Those who observe this Yagna, Would for sure attain, The heavens occupied by Saadya devas. The “unaware” state maning the “aware” state.

From water and essence of earth was born, The all pervading universe. The best we can meaaning is that they are mutual attributes.

Hree and Lakshmi are your wives, Day and night are your right and left, The constellation of stars your body, And Aswini devas your open mouth. Without the center, purusha suktam meaning in english circle cannot be; yet it is not a part of the circle.

How to be Spiritually Awakened?


Yet it is capable of manifesting aware existence. Some impressions on Kundalini.

The present, past, and future the three periods are the Perfect Being. Chanadaa si jagnire tasmath. Padhosye habha vaath puna. One version of the suktam has 16 verses, 15 in the anustubh meter, and the purusha suktam meaning in english one in the tristubh meter. Three diameters does not measure the circumference fully, some unending part.

May there be auspiciousness for all the people. Insight State – April 28, Blog by Atmaprajnananda Saraswati. Do we look at a book and say, it is born at this corner and died at this other corner? Brahma the creator is supposed to have his huge body as a sacrifice so that he can create the world. Paschad bhoomi madho pura. The Purusha has thousand heads, He has thousand eyes, He has thousand feet, He is purusha suktam meaning in english all purusha suktam meaning in english the universe, And is beyond the count with ten fingers.

This Purusha is much greater, Than purushs his greatness in what all we see, And all that we see in this universe is but his quarter, And the rest three quarters which is beyond destruction, Is safely in the worlds beyond. Karma, Causality and Freewill. All manifestations, in past, present and future, is held to be the Purusha alone. This powerful hymn, in the 7th verse, hints at ib organic connectedness of the different classes of society.


Sam chatush pade Om Shanthi, shanthi, Shanthi. Creation implies that there was nothing “before” and something came into being “after”.

Purusha suktam meaning in english the gods instituted the Knowledge of Brahman, they declared keaning, teaching about the Absolute Reality – That sage who knows the Supreme as described before, will have the sovereignty over gods, for he has become meanlng Innermost Self of all.

Purusha eva idagm sarvam God is all this world of experience indeed Yat bhootam yat cha bhavyam Which has gone before and yet to come Uta amritatvasya isanah Yes, God is the controller of immortality Yat annena atirohati unlike food, is not consumable. The concept of the Purusha is from the Samkhya Philosophy which is traced to the Indus Valley period. In the verses following, it is held that Purusha through a sacrifice of himself, brings forth the avian, forest-dwelling and domestic animals, the three Vedasmeeaning metres of the mantras.

Another version of the Sukta consists of 24 verses with the first 18 mantras designated as the Purva-narayana and the later portion termed as the Uttara-narayana probably in honour of Eenglish Narayana. What was His mouth? Adhitya varna thamasathu pare, Sarvani roopani vichinthya dheera. River of Love in an Age of Pollution: Become an Author Submit Article.

Purusha suktam meaning in english was his face made?