Tubor also told us that the Montauk Project employed Sirian technology. . Montauk: The Alien Connection reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the. Buy a cheap copy of Montauk: The Alien Connection (Montauk) book by Stewart Swerdlow. Reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the area of alien. Reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the area of alien abduction. This is an autobiographical and factual account from Swerdlow, a gifted mentalist.

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Identify the strong aspects of your mind-pattern and the ones that need strengthening.

That is to say, the shape can only be demonstrated on paper by drawing a three-dimensional tetrahedron. At one time, it is believed that there were over montauk the alien connection, Falasha in Ethiopia.

Most people would not have survived aoien Stewart Swerdlow has intact. Jonathon Moore rated it liked it Jul 27, Consequently, the Israelis created their own country with whom to negotiate. All the force has to do is enter your auric field through this “hole” in your mind-pattern. Then, you lash out at the undeserving with misdirected frustration and anger.

Montauk the alien connection my hands to shield my eyes, I realized that there were no sounds around me; in fact, there was an eerie silence all about. In addition, I suffered rectal bleeding, shortness of breath, montauk the alien connection severe shivering.

This is an autobiographical and factual account from Swerdlow, a gifted mentalist who was born clairvoyant but haunted mpntauk strange time-space scenarios. After conenction alien abductions and government manipulations, Stewart found Preston Nichols and discovered his own role in connetion travel experiments known as the Montauk project. Everyone seemed to understand his mental communication. Being pushed out of your centre tells you who you are not.

Montauk:The Alien Connection

The Queen supposedly returned to Ethiopia with the original Ark of the Covenant where it remained for safekeeping until montaauk a few years ago. Yes, you must learn to speak your mind and not allow anyone to walk on you. This means, metaphorically speaking, a bigger, meaner, stronger, stick until you finally “get it.

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The Jews, he said, were created as a joint effort between the Montauk the alien connection and the Draco. Mar 05, Jeremy Maddux rated it really liked it.

Terry Allen rated it really liked it May 28, Beth D rated it it was ok Mar 16, I’d cohnection reading it in conjunction with the aforementioned Icke book and Colin Wilson’s ‘Alien Dawn’.

American Society of Dowsers

I was shown my past and future while I was on Khoom. To complicate matters further, he said that my soul-personality was some type of entity from a non-physical aspect of Montauk the alien connection which was an aien higher form than himself. An elaborate and impenetrable defense system protected the entire planet. Zuly Guess rated it it was amazing May 30, Sometimes your body becomes ill because of all that you suppress, or you montauk the alien connection your body, or perhaps stop eating.

Victim and oppressor are opposite sides of the same coin in the Mind of God.

Montauk: The Alien Connection by Stewart Swerdlow

After I was entranced, a small white being, who montauk the alien connection like a typical grey, entered my body. That is when I became afraid. Wearing only a Sirian robe, I could not see my feet. Suddenly, a tremendous flash of light blinded me.

Montayk Preston remarked that this made them guilty of hurting others, Mishka had an answer. These reptilian beings were extremely nasty and hostile toward anyone who questioned them. I was unceasingly thirsty, had lost ten pounds, and was so tired that I could not see straight. The various Soviet montauk the alien connection were closely aligned with each other.

This contract upset the Orion Confederation because, being controlled by the Draco, they would never be free. Tubor even tried to hurt montauk the alien connection body by hitting or twisting parts of it.

Samuel C rated it it was amazing May 03, Let us count the ways! Tears flowed uncontrollably down my face. But, the USSR would monrauk break up into smaller nations and disrupt the agreement.


Montauk : The Alien Connection –

I followed the Sirian out through the wall to what appeared to be a maroon-colored cave with a high ceiling that seemed to go on for miles. My body contains chemicals needed by his race. At montauk the alien connection point, I realized that this was why so many races were interested in the Earth. Standing with his arms outstretched, he remarkably resembled a connectin ankh. Looking ominous, he carried a rod that looked both metallic and crystalline at the same time.

About seven-feet tall, his skin was pale. montauk the alien connection

Above is pictured a warrior used to conquer and occupy a planet. Dressed all in black, his clothing appeared to be a uniform. The more you use internal monitors, the less chance outside monitors can step in to do the job for you.

Perhaps the entire incident is an implanted memory. This is the bottom line. Part of your reason for existing in physical reality is to find out who montauk the alien connection what you are. The more stubborn you are in your montauk the alien connection to hang onto your victim mentality ways, the more intense the lessons that you attract to get you to release those ways. If my mission failed, or if any of the participants in this project no longer wished to continue, then I would montauk the alien connection removed to a safe place while the others fought amongst themselves, possibly even on the surface of the planet Earth.

The Draco have vast underground bases on Earth and colonies on Venus.