Lamps of Fire: From the Scriptures and Wisdom of the World [Juan Mascaro] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Posts about Lamps of Fire written by davidrkopacz. with how you came to have inscribed copy of Juan Mascaró’s book, Lamps of Fire, as well. Lamps of Fire Lamps of Fire From the Scriptures and Wisdom of the World Chosen by JUAN MASCARO ^)L METHUEN • LONDON This edition first published Juan Mascar6 The Retreat, Comberton, Cambridge n The Spirit of Religion.

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Then he went on to talk a little bit about Ceylon now Sri Lanka and this was before he returned to Cambridge.

The first is love. But it is possible to reason out the existence of God to a limited extent.

And of His signs is this: Cut off the bonds of the afflictions that bind me: At which answer Abraham grew so zealously angry that he thrust the old man out of his tent, and exposed him to all the evils of the night and an unguarded condition. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: And the birds ended their song, and the lover died in the dawn for his Beloved.

For all men seem alike kin unto him, and no man stranger. As we cannot go beyond these three, the three blend into ONE. More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: The watcher of the gates is Conscience. I have too often seen the Upanishads rendered into English by scholars who are philologists and who miss the delight of the immediate realisation of truth expressed in the original texts. Let the dread weapons that wound the sinner hurt us not.

Said the master, Break one masccaro those two. The lover said to his Beloved: Published by Methuen first published Know the nature of creation.

Is there one word by which we may walk till life ends? Therefore I say, that whatsoever fighteth and contendeth about the letter is all Babel.


Lamps of Fire – Being Fully Human

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. But as pure water raining on pure water becomes one the same, so becomes, O seeker of Truth, the soul of the sage who knows. And that in this work God is loved for himself and above all creatures, it seemeth right well. It cannot be heard. Spread thy light and withdraw thy blinding splendour that I may behold thy radiant form: And suppose once more, that he is reluct- antly dragged up a steep and rugged ascent, and not released until he is forced into the presence of the sun itself, is he not likely to be hurt and annoyed?

There is a pride which disturbs the mind; but there is a humbleness which is not humiliation but peace, and which stops the disturbing movements of the mind. The seer and the poet help us in our wanderings towards light, and the thinker gives us theories on the visions the seer has seen. As the wind, though one, takes new forms in whatever it enters ; the Spirit, though one, takes new forms in what- ever that lives.

As a man leaves an old garment and takes on one that is new, the Spirit leaves his mortal body and wanders on to one that is new.

Lamps of Fire : From the Scriptures and Wisdom of the World

But I say unto you, Resist not evil: God made the rivers to flow. We worship in truth the Fier, Ahura Mazda. His presence is salvation. Many mornings remain to dawn upon us: The stars and trees adore. Then the materialist, the Lokayata, a mascao mighty snake, approached, bringing cruel and poisoned heresies. This lamp is all lamps, because it gives light, and burns, in all ways. Is He then Who createth as him who createth not?

KENA Concealed in the heart of beings lies the Atman, the Spirit, the Self; smaller than the smallest atom, greater than the greatest spaces. Our ears may hear words impure; but let not our minds hear words that are not pure. So we talked about Tagore, Yeats — my favorite poet of the 20 th century who had written a lovely, lovely introduction to the Gitanjali — it still reads masxaro, do you have that introduction, Dave? The soul then by resigning itself, in removing from itself every spot and stain of the creature, which is to keep the will perfectly united to the will of God – for to love Him is to labour to detach ourselves from, and to divest ourselves of, every- thing which masacro not God, for God’s sake – firf immedi- ately enlightened by, and transformed in God; because He communicates His own supernatural being in such a way that the soul seems to be God Himself and to possess the things of God.


He is one with Him who is the source of his life; The title of All-Peace belongs to him as to his Master. George tells that Juan only ever taught two classes at Cambridge during his entire time there.

They feel no weariness, they cease not from flowing. Jkan are the forms of the Formless, vague shadows of the Invisible. Even as by oneself one may see Oneself. After oof manner therefore pray ye: Where there is no joy there is no creation; Know the nature of joy.

He is the supreme seer and thinker, immanent and transcendent. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Lamps of Fire; the Spirit of Religions by Juan Mascaró

These souls are ever more ready to give than to mascao, even with their Creator. LOVE Would you know the blessing of blessings? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? The gentle conquers the strong.