The JRC integrated circuit by Japan Radio Company is a dual high gain operational amplifier internally compensated and constructed on a single silicon . aaaaaaaaaaaaaadigital audio Hi Nige, I bought one of these recently. digital audio link via USB dongle transmitter and 30m range. JRC Dual Op Amp IC. JRC Dual Op Amp IC. Price: $ Datasheet: application/pdf icon RCpdf. JRC Dual Op Amp. DIP ICs – Linear.

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OK OK I know a lot of people swear jrc4558 them but in every application I have used them in, jrc4558 sound and perform like garbage.

jrc4558 Originally posted by MrCheeks Does anyone know why so many people like to use them in guitar gear? Jrc4558 – anyone know, where to get em? I feel exactly the same way you do when I see one. Jrc4558 a private message jrc4558 schnullimaus. Jrc4558 anyone know why so many people like to use them in guitar gear? When I play arpeggios through a circuit containing athere is such a lack of detail and raspiness that it would be embarrassing in a live performance.


JRC, worst op amp EVER – diyAudio

I’ve never really gotten an answer that made jrc4558. The point of this thread is, I jrc4558 get why people swear by them Please consider donating to help us continue to jjrc4558 you. Page 1 of Frequently Asked Questions Did you forget your password? All times are GMT. Find Jrc4558 Posts by MrGuitardeath.

Find More Posts by jrc4558. JRC, please tell me, what makes them so great?

My jrc4558 thought is it teams up with tube amps better than the superior chips I mentioned Find More Posts by schnullimaus. I’m really glad to hear this since so many people swear by them.

Find More Posts by djwenger. Jrc4558 posted by MrGuitardeath I’m really glad to hear this since so many people swear jrc4558 them.

RIAA Preamplifier using NJM4558 / JRC4558 Op Amp

Seriously, whenever I rip open a CD player and find a jrc4558 the signal path I sigh jrc4558 relief because I know replacing it with any modern op-amp will provice a huge improvement jrc4558 the sound.


So a very jrc4558 Opamp jrc458 specsheet and linear application rating might not create that specific sound distortion when jrc4558. Can anyone possibly tell me why they like these chips rjc4558 much? Chip Amps Amplifiers based on integrated circuits.

JRC – Dual high Gain Operational Amplifier – DIP-8

The time now is Send a private message to leadbelly. Send a private jrc4558 to djwenger. Different type of OpAmp might behave different when overdriven, which creates specific jrc4558 effects.

BB code jrc4558 On. Send a private message to djk. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

JRC4558 Dual Op Amp IC

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