JIS G Tensile strength, elongation and non-aging property. Syınbol of Tensile strength. Elongation%. Tensile test quality. N/mm2 piece. Discrimination . What is SPCC Steels? SPCC steel is a commercial quality cold rolled steel. SPCC is a material grade and designation defined in JIS G standard. Dimensional Characteristics of SPCE Steels: The appropriate thickness for this SPCE material as demarcated in the JIS G starts from mm to mm.

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Dear if you please clarify that in any grade of cold rolled steel sheet which chemical and mechanical compositions or specs are the best for nickel or chrome coating after drawing the sheet to give it a shape of any auto part. Applications are as under. Since SPCG steel is dead mild steel.

JIS G Commercial Cold Rolled SPCC Steels

SD meaning is already explained that is standard quality cold rolled and dull finish. Dear Yaseen Raza, thank-you for your question and apologies for t3141 reply as I am a freelance and was employed by a company these days, t3141 I am back again. Which of these would be suitable for a temperature of degrees C?? This article will help you understanding the hardness of SPCC steel.


Can someone tell me what is the heat resistance of the SPCC?

SPCC steel is a commercial quality cold rolled steel. Hi, which cold roll material best for structural use in coated sheet GI? When a material grade is specified as cold rolled steel, it means it has been subjected to a manipulative process of cold rolling in which a metal bar is passed through high tension rollers below the re-crystallization temperature of the steel.

As far as coating is concerned there should be any problem while coating any of these steels. But it should be coated properly to prevent rusting. G is used js steel sheets and G is used for chemical.

I worry about the rust and corrosion from humidity found in Canadian summers…. Why Purchasing sample of this type of steel is significant for making your product? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. SPCC steel is not stainless it is a dead mild steel. Terms of the bands: The commercial quality cold rolled steel is a type of steel that v3141 be used commercially for forming purposes that can also include shearing of a metallic sheet.

Hi Adam, how are 3g141

SPCC steel is a commerical quality steel and is utilized in applications mentioned in above article. Can anyone tell is spcc and swpa are same or diffrent? Then you can of-course purchase material from there countries as well that matches or suffice your product requirements. SWPA is a spring material and thus it is obviously different. MR is a steel type which is defined as low in residual elements that has high corrosion resistance, extensively used in general applications.


JIS G3141 Grade SPCC 1/2 hard

JIS G is a Japanese material standard for cold rolled steel. SPCC steel is the commercial quality as already discussed in the article. When receiving JIS material, does it have a heat number or cast number and will you get a material certificate for this type of material.

Following are the available forms of SPCC steels in the global market:. Basically these are commercial quality cold rolled steels with low carbon content. It can be used but you need to first perform a sample application check and then proceed with your specific application of furniture. How is it possible? IS grade O i.

Purchasing sample of this type of steel is important for product development.

Read more about the international standard for commercial quality cold rolled materials in ISO CR 1 Steels in article: