View and Download Epson EMP/ user manual online. Epson User’s Guide Multimedia Projector EMP/, EMP/ EMP/ Manuals and User Guides for Epson EMP/ We have 1 Epson EMP- / manual available for free PDF download: User Manual. PowerLite┬« c/c press the or buttons on the projector to correct it. 5c/ c k Setup ment ther y. AA e r or See your User’s Guide for instructions.

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Procedure Project the image you want to use as the user’s logo, and then press the [Menu] button.

Is the “contrast ” setting adjusted correctly? Adjusting Colour for Several Projectors Multi-Screen Colour Adjustment When several projectors are lined up and projecting images, you can adjust the brightness and colour tone of each projector’s image with multi-screen colour adjustment so that the colours of images from each projector match closely. Problems relating to images No images appear s p. Only when projecting computer images Are the “Sync.

Epson EMP – Epson

Replacing The Lamp Troubleshooting Troubleshooting This chapter describes how to identify problems and what to do if a problem is found. Reading The Indicators Optional Accessories and Consumables The following list of optional accessories is current as of July, This item can only be selected when “Front” is selected from “Extended” – “Projection” Operation Lock You can use this to restrict operation of the projector’s control panel.


Enlarging Part Of The Image e-zoom When it is set to “On” and the projector power cable is connected to an electrical outlet, be aware that sudden surges of electricity when power comes back on after a power outage may cause the projector to turn on automatically. Cleaning You should clean the projector if it becomes dirty or if the quality of projected images starts to deteriorate. You can unsubscribe at any time with a click on the link provided in every Epson newsletter.

Problem Solving Interference or distortion appear in images Check Is the image signal format setting correct?

Cleaning The Lens For more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read our Privacy Information Fmp.

Configuration Menu Configuration Menu This chapter explains how to use the configuration menu and its functions. Other Problems Problem Solving Check Do the indicators turn on and off when the power cable is touched? Is the colour adjusted correctly? Restricting Operation operation Lock Security Functions Restricting Operation Operation Lock Do one of the following to lock the operation buttons on the control panel.

Remote control Changes to images from the Computer Component Video port. Summary Of Adjustment Procedure Are you an end user or business customer?

Only when projecting images from a video source Are the cables connected correctly? Log in Not signed in yet? Changing the Projected Image Changing Directly from the Remote Control You can change directly to the target image em pressing the following buttons on the remote control. List Of Functions Problem Solving Check Do the indicators turn on and off when the power cable is touched?


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Part Names And Functions Problem Solving Problem Solving If you are having a problem with the projector, first check the projector’s indicators and refer to “Reading the Indicators” below.

Computer image Sub Menu Auto Setup You can select whether, when the input signal changes, the image is automatically adjusted to the optimum state On or not Off. The values are only a guide.

Page 48 Problem Solving Interference or distortion appear in images Check Is the image signal format setting correct? We use cookies on our website. Only when projecting images from a video source Images appear dark Using the fpson control You can save at up to dots in size.

Problems Relating To Images Connecting To External Speakers Base Part Names and Functions Base Name Suspension Attach the optional ceiling mount here when epspn fixing suspending the projector from a ceiling. How To Replace The Lamp