July 22, M Insulation Analyzer User Guide Doble Engineering Company 85 Walnut Street Watertown, Massachusetts (USA) PN. Doble M User Guide. July 6, | Author: Pablo Toro Lopez | Category: Computer Keyboard, Frequency Modulation, Electromagnetic Interference. GMT Doble Test. Procedures – Richmond. Community College -. Doble M User Guide. For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed.

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If a Clipboard file is saved, it can be retrieved by clicking on this icon, pressing F9, or selecting Open from the File janual menu. When performing multiple tests, only tests completed prior to a stopped test will be accepted into DTA icon or F6 key Discards test results, returning to the DTA form After pressing the F5 key to accept results, the test data and insulation rating should be reviewed for correctness.

Remove the three screws on the top of the card cage cover using a flat-blade screwdriver. The COM port setting must be set in accordance with your computer’s requirements.

Remove the screws Figure 4. F July 22, Chapter 1 i Conventions Used in this Manual M44000 following terms and typographical conventions are used in the manual: If you are using the pull-down menus and wish to remove these icons, click on the View pull-down menu item and then click on Toolbar.

To sort the displayed list, click on the column you wish to sort by.

Atec Doble-M4100 User Manual

Double click the desired apparatus in the righthand panel of DTA. These can be obtained from Doble if required. Resistors in failed capacitor cells should be considered suspect. The rates at which the voltages are raised and lowered manually are selected separately in the Clipboard configuration and the DTA Configuration. July 22, 4. Both Low Voltage Leads must be inserted to run test – it is recommended this box be left unchecked, since most tests require only one lead.


Doble M User Guide ยท GitBook (Legacy)

Since performing the Setup Correction Test requires removing the high voltage cable from the specimen, it will be practical to perform a series of Specimen Tests first, and then go back, remove the high voltage cable from the specimen, and perform a series of Setup Correction Tests corresponding to the Specimen tests. It provides a generic form for testing any apparatus. Then, manhal vise grip pliers to remove the binding screws if necessary. Place each cable into the respective receptacle.

The M Instrument is ready for connecting the cables. Guard Status Disabled Critical: C-3 July 22, Appendix D. It is designed to extend the current range of Doble 10 kV Power-Factor Test Sets up to four Amps, assuming a lossless specimen, at voltages up to 10 kV.

A short is most likely to be found in one of the following areas.

In addition, the control processor can vote to disable the dc supply to the safety relay coils, thereby disabling the amplifier output if certain conditions are not met. The test abort allows the operator to correct a setup error and then restart from the point where the error was first detected, without losing successfully completed test information.

This includes sets that have been shipped from the Doble Engineering Company.

Doble M Insulation Analyzer User Guide

July 22, In the case of potential transformers or any transformers which may be interconnected, voltage k4000 be back-fed through the secondaries to produce high voltage on the primary, although the primary is seemingly isolated from the power system.

Temperature Correction, as described below, enables the user to select the type of apparatus under test so as to activate automatic temperature correction. About M For Windows. The Num Lock and Caps Lock keys on the keyboard are switched off.

The Diagnostics should also be used to investigate potential causes of error messages.

Check connections to the specimen. These help you check the status of the M Insulation Analyzer, and to diagnose any problems that may exist.


Resonator chassis ground connected to test ground through cable shield or external test ground lead. The table on the screen describes test conditions and test results. Review programs located in your startup folder which start up each time the computer is booted up, and remove any that may try to grab the COM port.

The measured test results of each test are combined and averaged to give a m40000 Hz equivalent test result. F M Insulation Analyzer User Guide The preceding also applies to test sets that have been stored for prolonged periods.

The M instrument has a time base generator that may be synchronized either with the power system supplying power to the test instrument, or with an internal crystal oscillator.

If the losses of the High Voltage cable and transformer mwnual be guarded, it is not necessary to perform the setup. Interconnect the M Instrument and the Mc Controller using the gray snap-in cable provided. Carefully m0400 the M Transport down on its back on a level surface.

Flashover of the test specimen or the M Insulation Analyzer can generate transient voltages of sufficient magnitude to puncture the insulating jacket of the cable. At this point, if your test was a Specimen Test, you could run the Setup Correction Test for iser line x. Access the menu by clicking on Diagnostics in the menu bar, as shown in Figure 4. Complete the Material Return Tag supplied with the new component. Regardless of crew size, one person should be designated as the Test Set Operator and one other as Test Supervisor.