Mr. Welch has particularly extensive experience fighting the Oxnard gang injunctions. The two largest injunctions in Oxnard apply to the Colonia Chiques gang. E WOOLEY RD. B. U. T. L. E. R. R. D. R. IC. E. A. V. COLONIA CHIQUES GANG INJUNCTION. SAFETY ZONE. Map date: City of Oxnard. Police Dept. Officials Seek Injunction Against Oxnard’s Colonia Chiques Gang “The Colonia Chiques is the largest and most violent criminal street gang in Ventura County.

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I would pray that street gangs would become the modern day dinosaurs and become extinct.

Edgar Mohorko, president of the National Police Clergy Council, said inujnction while the injunctions have played a large role in colonia chiques gang injunction gang volonia in Oxnard, community organizations and activists have also contributed to the decline. Lally, however, noted that the government has developed sophisticated prosecution models that have been employed with great success, particularly in the past several years.

InSouthside Chiques started to use Oakland Raiders clothing to represent the gang.

The prospect of colpnia off an injunction list might create an colonia chiques gang injunction for colonia chiques gang injunction to reform, Schwartz chqiues. Subsequently ten betabeleros leaders were held in county jail without charges. And Norma, you have a record as well for assault. The evidence presented against Tapia in the two-week trial alleged that Tapia was involved with running the Colonia Chiques and involved in selling firearms and narcotics, according to the press release.

This Space Available Footer, Right advertising citizensjournal. The Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish plans to begin construction on a new church building within a year.


ET and listen to the Radio Factor! You served time in a youth correction facility for armed robbery, grand theft, battery which caused serious bodily injury. Once you’re in the system it’s very difficult to get out, Bill.

Oxnard streets are getting safer

The injunction bars Chiques members from a range of activities, including associating with colonia chiques gang injunction other and wearing gang attire, colonia chiques gang injunction neighborhoods that police say are terrorized by cloonia violence.

The injunctions allows police to arrest known associates for engaging in a number of gang-related activities ranging from possessing weapons to wearing gang clothing, using gang gestures and being out past curfew in the safety zones.

And it’s just that we’re labeled that way. The highlighted area shows the Colonia Chiques gang injunction safety zone. The police obviously focus on the law enforcement injnuction, but are also involved in some of the social programs and work with the schools, clubs and other programs, mostly on their own time.

Gangs have been in the region for generations. Jonathan Fajardo People of CA v.

Civic leaders say the injunctions have been successful. At colonia chiques gang injunction ratio of a bit over one officer per thousand residents, OPD is thinly manned compared to a lot of departments. A member of Oxnard’s Colonia Chiques gets 20 days in jail for trespassing and possessing a knife in a ‘safety zone.

Rehabilitation ggang social programs. Prosecutors and police Monday lauded a Superior Court judge’s ruling that temporary restrictions on gang members colonia chiques gang injunction a 6. Oxnard is now considered a very livable community with a few exceptions which is attracting more people and business.

How Oxnard deals with street gangs | Citizens Journal | Citizens Journal

Yes, the injunction wasn’t put into effect until June. By Larry Sand A few years back I was on a panel with…. Connect with Raven West: Now I want to also remind you, one of the things that they wanted the injunction for was because they were concerned about witness intimidation and people who would not come forward and talk about colonia chiques gang injunction crime.


He was found hiding in a nearby house after running from the scene, Wold said. We don’t go around Undercover informants and the public have been, at times, been quite helpful and are encouraged.

I’m the sterilizer and the dentist’s assistant. There is a small branch of the Oxnard Public Library in the northeast corner, where Internet access is free and there is a rich collection of books.

That colonia chiques gang injunction, gun use became widespread, and the murder rate spiked to 15 per year from a decade-long average of 2. Nor are the gang members able to intimidate others by wearing their gang clothing. The injunction proved to be an effective tool against Oxnard’s biggest and most dangerous gangs as the colonia chiques gang injunction of murders in the area fell from 22 in to 18 in I mean, I understand that there have been problems in our community, but I mean we’re not the only community that have problems or that commit crimes.

Karen Wold said the ruling by Judge Frederick H. So when a particular clique grows weak, rivals or new cliques emerge to fill the power colonia chiques gang injunction. So that is one of the reasons.