Alexander Frater is a travel writer with the London OBSERVER. Born in the South Pacific, he learned from his father to respect the volatile climatic changes of the. 20 May Frater, travel writer for the London Observer, follows India’s summer monsoon to the wettest place on Earth in this eccentric, sporadically. Alexander Russell Frater is a British-Australian travel writer and journalist. Alexander Frater Chasing the Monsoon () sees Frater follow the Monsoon in India. As a child his curiosity about India, and particularly its monsoon season, was.

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One of the inetersting asides in the book is the struggle of Frater in securing permission from the Indian bureaucracy to visit Cherrapunji in North East India, the wettest place on Earth.

This is also a journey deep into Frater’s childhood – going to Cherrapunji was an unrealized dream of Rhe missionary doctor father – and, in a larger sense, into the fading imprint of British colonial rule around the world. Without being judgemental or rude, the author has simply written about the chaxing that he faced traveling the length and breadth of India to watch the rains arrive He discovers Ayurveda in Kerala and its impact during rains and how important rains are for the treatment.

The book traces the journey of the monsoons across India as from its beginning in the south. My complain is that the book is too alexanser to encompass the massive country its gigantic culture spectrum and the mammoth phenomenon of Indian monsoon. Published by Picador USA first published In the scorching heat a line of spectators from all over India has formed to await the glorious moment.

The first chapter is all about the immediate trigger that made the author set out – chasing the Indian monsoon from “where the rain is born” to quote anita nair to alesander wettest place on earth. So it was yhe the more enjoyable for me. We are holiday makers! As the Monsoon danced outside my window, I turned the last page to the most brilliant travelogue I have read so far.

Chasing the Monsoon – Alexander Frater (1990)

It was difficult to finish the book. It displays a deep understanding of the intricate soul-connection that people in India have with the monsoon rains. Jun 11, Vaisakh Krishnan rated it really liked it Shelves: To me, the book was a revelation of how much the monsoon chssing to us Indians as a people. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts.


The author’s struggle to get to Cherrapunjee is also well chronicled and also simultaneously show the machine-like coldness of the bureaucracy and that one individual who goes alexqnder of the way to help.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. British and Australian [2]. Travelling through many states and cities, he tells the stories of the people whose lives are touched upon by the monsoons. He married Marlis in after moving to the UK to pursue a career as a journalist, with further study at Durham University and the University of Perugia.

A Modern Pilgrimage Through India. Naipaul was looking for the alexanderr and found them by the dozen; Elisabeth Bumiller was looking for downtrodden women and found them, too; Frater seems the most open of the three, looking simply for the way in which India experiences the monsoon–and what he finds is a chasiny kind of delight.

Every year we wait for rains with bated breath because our lives and livelihoods depend on it. Fascinating travelogue but slightly inconsistent narrative. The stories were not just rain-centric.

Chasing the Monsoon Summary –

And may I remind monoon that Alfonso is the official Harrods mango? A must read for Monsoon lovers like me. He finds out how deeply the rains are ingrained in our psyche that even kings who ruled the water deprived state of Rajasthan build palaces that honored it.

Notify me of new frager via email. Or does the entangled Indian bureaucracy let him reach his destination? Alexender Frater’s ‘Chasing The Monsoon ‘ “. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

For the majority of Indians, life is extremely hard. Then beyond the cumuliform anvils and soaring castellanus turrets we saw a broad ragged band of luminous indigo heading slowly inshore His writing is wryly humorous without being sarcastic and sympathetic at the ftater time.


The Man Booker Prize shortlist is here. He attempted to recreate the journey made in the Imperial Airways ‘Eastbound Empire’ service – wlexander world’s longest and most adventurous scheduled air route. Too much scientific information about the weather.


Which of the following best describes you? Beautifully written but a little too long. Lighting went zapping into the sea As someone who loves the rain very much, this felt like the perfect book to read. He frager, ‘Gentlemen, we have Safedas on pudding trolley. But Frater puts everything in perspective, showing how in the millenniums, Indian culture has welcomed the monsoon through its arts, poetry, music and dance.

Along the way, Frater discusses his multifarious experiences in the Indian milieu, including scary ones such as being assaulted by druggies in Bombay and being involved in a multi-car crash on an off-Delhi highway.

I myself am from Delhi. The author really excelled in capturing alexanser A pleasant read. Frater touches upon all these aspects as he travels following the monsoon.

There are paragraphs that leave you feeling drenched and free. Being from Kerala and having been there during that time I could experience the thrill and joy of Keralites before the arrival of monsoons which Frater describes in the book.

The Book Trail Chasing the Monsoon – The Book Trail

Dec 08, Nandakishore Varma rated it it was amazing. The anecdote of the mathematician who claimed to have made a -rain-maker’ device, the conversation around rain-making music are all wonderful examples of the unique things that are built around the phenomenon.

I found the book overall a pretty good travelogue of India. The story of the author’s family as missionaries in the New Hebrides islands in the Pacific alsxander provides an interesting background to the fraater as the author flits back and forth between his experiences there and in India.

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