Catálogo SP. Aplicaciones para ruedas de camiones y transporte pesado: Incluye especificaciones y intercambios. Rodamientos y. Sellos SKF. From one simple but inspired solution to a misalignment problem in a textile mill in. Sweden, and fifteen employees in , SKF has grown to become a global. Heavy Duty Pillow Block Maintenance Handbook Catalogue No. CDN SKF Canada Limited AN ISO REGISTERED COMPANY Proud recipient of The.

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SDAF pillow blocks can also be supplied in cast steel. The shaft, complete with bearing assembly and labyrinth seal assemblies is placed in the lower half of the housing. Lubricating properties deteriorate as a result of aging and mechanical churning.

With the bearing square on the shaft, apply pressure using a press. To avoid damage to the bearing it is used at very high or very low temperatures.

Variety of sealing arrangements smf see Page 8. If only one ring is to be used with a bearing having an adapter sleeve, the fixing ring should be positioned on the same side of the bearing as the locknut.

EasyPull dismounts the most difficult bearings Dismounting a bearing can be a demanding task for both user and puller. Consult SKF for availability and technical specifications. Current standard product Material: For the LORC seal insert the inboard LOR seal with the added sealing component assuring that the rubber sealing component is facing in the correct orientation to make it either purgeable or non-purgeable. The second labyrinth seal is placed on the shaft following instruction as described above under 2 except reverse sequence.

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Where there is a risk of the grease becoming skr, the relubrication intervals should be catalovo. V-ring seals may be used for oil lubrication. Either oil or grease of proper quality can be considered for lubricating bearings. Finally the V-rings are pushed axially along the shaft until their sealing lips are aligned and slf the correct working position relative to the sealing washer.

Never use an open flame to heat the bearing.


Additionally, hazardous slipping of the puller claws is avoided due to the special locking mechanism which ensures a tighter grip of the components as the pulling force increases. With bearing hand tight on the adapter, relocate if necessary, the bearing and the adapter to the proper axial location on the shaft.

Variety of sealing arrangements available, see Page 8. Reverse the lockplate and observe how insert progressively thicker feelers the full length of the roller much the locknut will have to be tightened for the hole in the between the unloaded roller and the outer ring at the top locknut to align with the holes in the lockplate.

SKF pillow block housings are primarily intended for grease lubrication. The housing base is checked for alignment, ensuring that is within acceptable limits, and the mounting bolts are then slightly tightened.

Rodamientos, Sellos, Lubricación, Mecatrónica y Servicios | Grupo SKF

These pillow blocks can also be supplied in cast steel. Remove locknut and install the procedure and the installation instructions to be used for this washer with the inner prong located in the slot provided in the assembly.

Available with variety of sealing arrangements see Page 9. Axial location chumaceeras the bearings is achieved by inserting the fixing rings specified in the housing tables. Slide one labyrinth seal, consisting of labyrinth flinger and a V-ring.



Never roll the rollers over the feelers as the wrong is to be placed in the position requiring the least tightening to value will be obtained. Every TIH heater is provided with a ble and a standard plug with a round grounding pin. SAF Pillow block split design inch overall dimensions North American standard used for inch shafting.

Using only four buttons and the well proven laser alignment techniques, the SKF Shaft Alignment Tool TMEA 1, makes accurate machine alignment operation simpler and quicker than with traditional m ethods and equipment.

For spherical roller bearings with W33 or E suffix groove in outer ring and three lubricating holes spaced at the center lubricating fitting must be used. The halves of the alloy ring with felt seals are mounted on the O-section cords in the grooves of the housing base.

SKF has a set of lock nut spanners which are clearly marked with the correct tightening gauge. Slide labyrinth insert with O-ring installed on its O. If necessary tighten the locknut to a point chumacegas interchangeable.

SKF precut machinery xkf are a timesaving accessory to any rotating machine al ignment job. They are most commonly used in the SDCD and SNL series of housing which have additional grease fitting allowing the seals to be periodically purged.