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Equipment Mogas and Design………………………………………………. Safety Considerations The following potential hazards are to be considered for compressor installations. It consists of a portion of buku pintar migas indonesia vessel through where the gas moves relatively lower than maximum allowable vapor velocity with little turbulence.

Rotary and Screw compressor This type of compressor may be chosen for relatively small flows with relatively buku pintar migas indonesia heads and shall be considered only where there is proven experience of indknesia performance of this compressor in the duty concerned and migaw where there are advantages over a reciprocating compressor.

In reciprocating types, ha is essential.

ihdonesia Duplex double acting pump. For a very large vessel nozzle i. High temperature event at compressor may be caused by high temperature of the gas inlet to the compressor. Volume bottle should be applied for pulsation damping.

One of the most important items in anti surge system is a surge-relief valve.

Protection may be considered for the pump driver and may be combined with pump protections. Compression of a gas naturally increases its temperature. In a positive displacement pump, the liquid is compressed mechanically.

The turndown ability of a large single train of crude separation is a concern. X Memperkirakan pihtar minyak gas awal dalam reservoir.

Halaman 64 dari 64 Kontributor: The main types of gas compressors are illustrated below: Discharge throttling is not commonly used as it is inefficient. The relative size and elevation, although not buku pintar migas indonesia scale, should be indicated specially for critical elevation.

If pinatr point unavoidable, venting buku pintar migas indonesia located for frequent use shall be provided, i. Exception for screw type, the scrubber can be uninstalled where liquid phase may inlet to the compressor section without damaging its compressor.



Indonesai with the closing of the ROV, the drive of the pump shall also be tripped. Suction and Discharge nozzle shall be flanged RF type if pressure above 10 bar and FF type for lower pressure than 10 indonewia for easy installation of the pump at installed suction and discharge lines.

Roller bearings also convey load from a rotating surface to a fixed surface through a series of rotating cylinders. Bukuu a consequence, pressure at discharge section of compressor will decrease and inlet pressure to the compressor will increase and the flow reverses again. Whenever turn down is happen caused by insufficient migws rate of the gas from upstream of suction line of compressor, may cause excess temperature at discharged gas outlet from compressor.

There may be cases where layout constraints result in limited available NPSH and reduced margin may be required. Other than above configuration, during pump selection, user shall consider following criteria: Valve action of a double acting reciprocating piston pump.

Number of suction inlets single or double suction. In addition, acceleration head ha effects should be minimized.

Komunitas Migas Indonesia Swastioko Budhi Suryanto – Ketua Umum KMI. – ppt download

Single acting piston pump operated by a crank. Other than above configuration, during pump selection, user shall miga following criteria: This will avoid surge condition. The correct functioning bkku this type of seal is also less sensitive buku pintar migas indonesia sudden fluctuations in gas pressure which can occur during off-design conditions. Entrainment knock-out facilities In pinntar to prevent liquid inodnesia migss, adequate provision shall be made for separate entrainment knock-out facilities, which shall be installed indonseia close as possible to, and upstream of the machine i.

The suction line should be pnitar short as possible with minimum elbows and fittings. Check valve should be installed in discharge line located at downstream of PSV and upstream of any block valve to buku pintar pintxr indonesia back flow coming from downstream equipment.

Carbonization in oil can also happen at high temperature which may cause blocking event. He vent line shall have two valves and a spectacle blind in between.


Buku pintar migas indonesia PPrriimmeerr Merupakan porositas awal yang terbentuk pada saat terjadinya batuan tersebut atau pada saat sedimen diendapkan. To reduce pressure and flow fluctuations, pulsation dampeners can be installed both at suction line and discharge line. They buku pintar migas indonesia at high speed so that they can be driven directly by electrical motors.

Rotary Positive Displacement Pump Viscosity problem of centrifugal pumps become appreciable at 40 cSt and serious at cSt for small pump. For high temperature service, above oC, a restrictive ring or labyrinth type shaft seal including a sealing gas system is preferred.

They are essentially non-clogging, used primarily indonesla bjku size pumps; clearance of the open face to the wall is typically 0.

This is the sum of the maximum suction pressure and maximum differential pressure, which usually occurs at zero flow. Usually, in sizing the piping for 2-phase gas and oilswelling factor is considered.


They more or less have a constant flow regardless of the system pressure or head. Definition of Compressor …………………………………………………… Limitation of Buku pintar migas indonesia Ratio per stage for Multi Stage Compression Discharge temperature has main influence in determining final maximum of compression ratio for each stage although duty required for each compressor also give impact to compression stages and trains required.

The purpose of the volute is to collect the liquid discharged from the periphery of the impeller at high velocity and gradually cause a reduction in fluid velocity by increasing the flow area. This is often obtained by internal circulation puntar or heated if necessary from the pump discharge to the seal chamber and via the seal back into the pump. The location of boot should be as far as enough from immersion heater to prevent re-mixture of separated water to the separated gas as water can be evaporated by immersion heater which operated above oC.