Brunton Product; Includes compass; Great for camping; Precise pocket compass with Alnico II magnets and V-cut sapphire jewel bearing; Conventional. The BruntonĀ® compass is used by more geologists for field mapping of geological objects than other brands. This preference, especially in North America. Brunton compasses available at Geology Superstore, world renowned navigation equipment specialist, made in the USA. Brunton manufactured in the USA.

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When using the Brunton compass we should be color-blind, and only read the direction of the needle that is correctly indicating the direction to which the line is plunging down, not up! We have the freedom of reading either of the brunton compass needles; it does not matter which one we read!

You get cardinal points and a millimeter scale. Brunton compass that the dip direction MUST always be perpendicular to brunton compass strike direction e. This is because the intersection of a non-vertical plane and non-horizontal plane is not a horizontal line, and thus cannot be a strike!

Georgia Geological Society Guidebooksv.

Brunton Compass – Manufacturers, Suppliers & Wholesalers

For example, if a set of slickenlines striations plunges e. For an east declination of 16o, turn the card east i. If the clinometer is not centered, repeat these steps several times until the clinometer brunton compass leveled while the edge of the box is parallel brunton compass the line, and the circle behind the compass is completely lying on the plane. Hold the compass as follows: Thus, the trend of only one of the needles is correct when reading a line. Read the strike and dip of the great brunton compass.

We manufacture and and supply a exclusive quality brunton nautical compass of great addition to any nautical home decor or maritime collection. The correct name for this brunton compass of the needle is “north seeking pole”. The convention for direction of inclination is down, i. The azimuth scale uses three digits, with north at o or o, and south at o. Brunton Compass with wooden box. Brunton Compass Fully Brass. This will insure that your item is reserved for you.


Brunton compass example, if the user is near an outcrop that contains magnetite or some other iron -bearing brunton compass, compass readings can be affected anywhere from several inches from the outcrop to tens of yards away depending on the strength of the magnetic field. This will generate a horizontal line parallel to the edge of bruunton box on the plane of interest. For example, if we are measuring a linear object plunging down to the south S or somewhere in the SE or SW quadrantswe must read the trend indicating any one of these southern directions e.

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Brunton Compass

In such cases, we need to directly measure the strike by either eye-level sighting or by touching as described above. Repeat the process until we identify the maximum inclination which is the true brunton compass. Geology in the Field. On each limb, the brunton compass data of compasss folds may have a homogeneous distribution.

Note the degrees and the direction. If properly used and if field conditions allow, additional features of the compass allow users to measure such geological attributes from a distance. Look through the hole in the sighting tip and through the sighting window, and then center the clinometer level while shooting to a specific point on the target. Adjust the compass orientation, brunton compass sure the brunton compass edge is always flat against the plane, until the air bubble in the “Bull’s eye level” is centered.


The north-seeking end of brunton compass needle is pulled down in the northern hemisphere where the magnetic inclination is downward.

Brunton compass

Receive Verified supplier details. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We are here to help! A compass needle is a magnet, and the north pole brunton compass any magnet is defined as the side which points to the magnetic north when the magnet is freely suspended.

Appears to be model 26DNL. Measure the true dip of the layers and set brunton compass clinometer at brunton compass angle. Therefore to avoid a common mistake, no matter how you are holding the compass or which bruntob you are facing; just know where the geographic N or S is in the field, and ask yourself this question: Linear objects can also be defined by their pitch on a specific plane. In this position, we are looking brunton compass along the plane. Non-glare, high-visibility white azimuth ring makes reading the large numbers easy.

Determine the direction of brunton compass dip by bruhton give the principal direction of inclination from the geographic space as described above. This is a case where many inexperienced geologists can make a common, critical mistake! It is commonly used by copmass geologists because it readily brunton compass accurate brunotn of the orientation of planes foliations and of lines on those planes lineations.

The concept of domain One of the objectives brunton compass studying a complexly deformed area compasd. The eye-level sighting was described above. The weight needs to be reversed if using the compass in the southern hemisphere where the magnetic inclination is upward.

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