Featuring two highly evolved channels, capable of clean tones that shimmer like icicles in the deep of winter moonlight and tube saturation that is so rich and. SHIVA MANUAL – Bogner . UBERSCHALL TWIN JET MANUAL – Bogner Bogner Alchemist User Manual – Revision C – Download BOGNER SHIVA SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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The Master Volume and Presence work on both Channels. If it blows again give us a call. Let’s begin by hooking up a speaker to the new Speaker 1 “Use First” jack on the back panel of the Shiva. On reverb models, the reverb is always on if the sshiva footswitch plug isn’t connected.

If you’re kind to your amp, it will reward you with grateful reliability. The Loop circuit is always in the sound chain even if nothing is hooked up to it. This is because the reverb circuit loads the amp down. We have the matching 4×10 cab with ultra light Neodenium speakers if that’s your pleasure. Read this owners manual completely before use to fully understand your Shivas functions. A power amp dampening control was added located on the back panel. This gets less effective the higher the Gain ehiva set but still noticeable if turned all the way up.

To add a second speaker cabinet, use the second speaker jack and make sure both cabinets have matching impedances, the speaker output jacks are parallel so be sure to change the impedance selector to “half” the impedance rating of one speaker cabinet. With the Bright switch pushed in you get a brighter more open sound.


This means the Bass and Treble controls are suiva in the circuit anymore and have no effect on the sound.

Make sure your read and understand the safety instructions!! It would not be necessary to return the signal back into the amp. Bogner shiva and Acstacy Service Bogner shiva manual pdf.

The footswitch jacks are located on the back panel. If you want to bypass your FX, you would have to do it on the FX unit. Fuses To check the fuses, use an Ohmmeter to make sure they’re blown because sometimes you can’t see if they’re blown. For noise check the appropriate preamp tubes refer to f. The HT fuse blows usually if your power tubes are bad to protect the poweramp circuit from getting damaged.

Troubleshooting Make sure your read and understand the safety instructions!! In most cases it is just a 20 cent rectifier diode for the plate voltage which went bad. Make sure you turn your amp off when you switch tubes and be careful the tubes might be very hot!!

Comes with footswitch and manual. The 1×12″ combos made prior to Juneare loaded with a Celestion Classic 80 8 ohm speaker. Current Shivas have a 4-position rotary switch on the right-side back panel. The older 6L6 Model have one 8 and two 4 ohm speaker outputs the transformer has an internal 2 ohm tap also, so outputs could be wired to 4 2 2 or shlva 4 2 ohms if you wanted your amp customized Keep that in mind because most of the bogned cabinets are 16 ohms.


If you hook up two cabinets they must have the same impedance, same ohm value.

Bogner Shiva Amp Owner’s Manual – Synergy Guitars

We decided not to do this because we like the open sound of manyal amp if you don’t use the reverb. Best to keep low at higher volumes. That way you make sure it is the Amp. This is necessary because of the lower output send level so it does not distort the input of your FX but we have to bring the level back up after it leaves the FX in order to keep the original tone of the amp.

Siva Boogie

If you own a combo unplug the internal speaker and hook up an external speaker cabinet to make sure it’s only the amp which is sshiva. Priority support and feedback! You could use your Shiva just as a Power Amp. Foot-switchable boost function for both channels, variable for channel 2.

Tubes are delicate and have a limited live span depending on operating time, temperature and mechanical influences. Bogner Shiva Amp Owner’s Manual.