Bewketu Seyoum. likes · talking about this. OFFICIAL FAN PAGE. Bewketu Seyoum is a novelist and poet from Ethiopia. Currently he lives in. Bewketu seyoum. See more of Ethiopian poems የኢትዬጲያ ስነ-ፅሁፍ መድረክ on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Ethiopian poems. Bewketu Seyoum is a young Ethiopian writer from Gojjam, southwest of Addis Ababa. He studied psychology at Addis Ababa University and.

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While we were eating, a bookseller walked in carrying enough books to fill half the National Library. My father is bald and looks like a miser. Damn my third-grade math teacher—if he had only taught me more about numbers, I might not be so lost now in this age where even the tiniest children know how to use calculators.

When I got home, I had five birr left in my pocket. A Poem in Three Languages. Being run over by a piece of machinery worth five hundred thousand birr felt a suitably dignified way to go, like spilling milk rather than blood.

I could not take it anymore and covered my nose with my hand, pretending I had been amused by something. He has published two further verse collections and two novels.

A Poem Refracted through Three Languages. At first only old or rusted cars, buses cloudy with dust, and mud-covered bulldozers drove by.

When I turned thirty, I bought myself a mirror for fifty birr and saw in my reflection that I had gone bald seoum he had. A moment later, an elderly gentleman walked in and ordered some key wotand as they brought it to him, the scent made its way directly into my nostrils. The bigger the book is, the easier it is to find it when you lose it in the house.


Proletarian Poetry

Eventually I realized I should not be getting so emotional over lost hair. The money for this will come from a specially assigned budget. He should have stood up and given you his seat. I paid the fifteen birr the waiter asked me for. My proposal puts forward a way to resolve the situation. By the way, I eventually married the woman who was neither young nor old and had given me the ride, and we lived together blissfully for a while until I resumed my old habit of spending fifty birr a day and she divorced me.

Fearing he might now expect me to order drinks as compensation, I said goodbye and left. I am suggesting the following steps be taken:. I thought he must have become mesmerized by the flow of the water, because he stayed there for nearly twenty minutes.

Not a young lady, exactly, but nor would it be appropriate to label her old.

Because beggars sometimes appropriate children that are not their own to use for begging purposes, all beggars found with children will be immediately sent abroad for DNA testing. The funds for this will come from a specially assigned budget. Walking is good for the health—it saves you from the headaches that come from having to pay for taxis. Skip to main content. Is there a particular book you like to read over and over?

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The owner himself brought me a Coke, his wife brought me the opener, and yet another waiter appeared with a glass. I inched closer to the beggar intent on his search and employed a tone imbued with the kindness my Ethiopian-ness gives me. The people assigned to remove the beggars will be compensated from funds poej from a specially assigned seyyoum. Once inside I quickly appraised the car and concluded it could not be worth more than twenty seyokm birr.

Bewketu Seyoum: Collection of poems

I figured the best option would be to use a noose. Web Exclusives Translating Alice Walker: A Sound Flag in Six Colors. For many years my daily spend was fifty birr. It was a new establishment, and the eager staff, keen to create a good impression, gave me the VIP treatment. Plenty of worthwhile things are thrown into the dumpsters of restaurants in Bole, but the dumpsters of restaurants near Arat Kilo are not so richly stocked.

The project I want to do focuses on begging.

The old man was right; when he said this, I had no choice but to get up, wash my hands, and join him.