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CARE AND DISPOSITION OF REMAINS AND DISPOSITION OF PERSONAL EFFECTS. Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering AR Care and Disposition of Remains and Disposition of Personal Effects [ United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on.

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An individual determined to be dependent by the head of the agency concerned or designee. A Department of the Army Civilian or DOD is an Federal civilian employee of DA or DOD directly hired, paid from appropriated or nonappropriated funds, under permanent or temporary appointment, including an employee of an instrumentality wholly owned by the Army or DOD, an individual rendering personal service to the United States similar to the service of a civil officer or employee of the United States, without pay or for nominal pay, when a statute authorizes the acceptance or use of the service, or authorizes payment of travel or other expenses of the individual.

Mortuary affairs benefits are located in table 2—1. Final divorce or annulment decrees issued by a civil court are required to disqualify a spouse as the PADD. An attendant or escort may be provided travel and transportation allowances for travel to the interment ceremony if:.

Provide procedural guidance for mortuary affairs collection points and theater-level mortuary affairs missions which. 6388-2, National Guard Bureau. Verifying eligibility of certain deceased individuals for mortuary services. Disposition of remains, disposition of PE, burial honors, escort and funeral travel payments, mortuary service contract payments, and funeral and interment claim information must be entered into DCIPS immediately upon receipt of the information from the primary or official source of the information.


For military prisoners inmates that have been discharged; the following exceptions apply:. Persons in contact with the PADD will be kind, considerate, sympathetic, and polite at all times. Chapters 9, 11, 12, 13 7, Temporary Interment 6382- should be conducted only when operational constraints prevent the storage or evac.

When two or more remains cannot be individually identified and cannot be associated with any known deceased or missing individuals. Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Specific Qr. The qr will be interred in a U. The primary objectives of these operations are to:. Should the Soldier subsequently marry and be survived by a spouse, the provisions of paragraph 4—4 a 1 will apply.

When remains of other Armed Forces and uniformed Services are processed under auspices of the Army, the responsible parent Service of the decedent will do the following:. The Concurrent Return Operations provide for the search for, recovery, tentative identification, processing, and evac.

The Army-arranged preparation options are not available when the Family has taken control or custody of the remains.

Establishment of field records. Special handling for contagious disease. Required reports, those assigned requirement control symbols RCSsare as follows:.

AR 638-2 Care and Disposition of Remains and Disposition of Personal Effects

These expenses will be counted against the primary care allowance. Allegations that the PADD is mentally, medically, or physically incom. An escort is authorized when the PADD has elected to make all arrangements for the preparation and transportation of the remains, unless PADD specifically requests no escort. If no PADD, spouse, or blood relative is selected, the order of priority listed in 4—4a 1 through 13 will be followed in determining the PADD for eligible deceased personnel cited in chapter 2.

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Indigent persons and unclaimed remains see para 2— An interment allowance is authorized to assist the PADD with defraying wr of funeral. Professional services includes services of the funeral director and staff such as: Soldiers who had been declared deserters and dropped from the rolls prior to the date of death are not eligible for.

Aar affairs benefits for dependents of military personnel are located in table 2—1.

AR Army Mortuary Affairs Program

In those instances, the commander will secure the scene until investigative agency personnel assume responsibility. Both State and Federal Governments retain all their legislative authority.

The Army cannot assume responsibility for payment of a mortuary service contract entered into by the PADD or other interested person and a mortuary service provider.

Conduct all correspondence with relatives.

If the place of death is covered by a mortuary service requirements contract U. There are individually identified complete or incomplete remains for each person killed in the incident. Caskets are not authorized—. Identification processing of group remains. A metal sealer casket is required when—. Chapters 2, 4, 8,11, Hair styling and dressing. Surviving Family members will be accorded all possible consideration and sympathy.

Naval and Air Force personnel. Use of transfer case. When death occurs while the individual is in the custody of the SA. United States Army Reserve Soldiers.