AAOIFI Technical Boards. Composition and Membership. Shari’ah. Composition · Members; Committees. Shari’ah Standards Review Committee · Shari’ah. SABB. Exclusive Sponsor of AAOIFI’s Shariah Standards Online Version these standards are viewed as a major hallmark for the Islamic finance industry. AAOIFI has been issuing more than 50 Shariah Standards already. This Shariah standard on gold wouldn’t be the first and the last. As such, what is so special.

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Honesty in Public Funds. Progress in Income Distribution: Waqf Administration in Malaysia. Murabaha in prearranged deals. In other Shariah Standards, many of the Shariah issues, if already covered by other Shariah Standards, will be straight-away referred to that Shariah Standard shzriah that the reader may need to flip through relevant Shariah Standards to get what they need to know.

AAOIFI Standards

Other Measures to Tackle Poverty. Islamic banks — Current Practices. Growth of Employment in Pakistan. Malaysian Islamic Financial Landscape. Ijarah — The Parties.


Subject Matter of Murabahah.

Malaysia Planning for Growth and Equity: Comments on Fiscal Policy in an Islamic Economy. Takaful Insurance – Explained. Inflation and Poverty Alleviation. Collateral in Islamic Finance. Progress of Islamic Economics. Interest Shaeiah to State Bank of Pakistan.

Waoifi Perspective Reference to the Ottoman Case. Investment in Islamic Financial Instruments: Implicit Strategy for Islamization. Progress in Poverty Eradication: Murabahah as a Mode of Financing.

AAOIFI Standards –

Tabung Haji Current Profile: The Money Value of Time. The real nature of wealth and standard. Selected Riba-Safe Transaction Modes. Mudarabah — Distribution of Profit.

Definition and classification of Musharakah. Region and the Hudood Ordinances. Mechanism of Fiscal Policy. Islamic Law of Contracts and Gharar.

The Status of Women in Pakistan. Emergence of Islamic Banks.

Fiscal Policy in an Aoaifi Economy. Riba Al Fadl – Explained. The Financial Market Instruments. Code of ethics for accountants and auditors of Stxndards. Roll Over in Murabahah. Behavioral and Institutional Setting. It is essentially meant to be a stand-alone standard in the sense that you can find as many relevant principles of Shariah on gold as possible in one standard.


Multiple Use of Modalities. Salam – Mode of Financing. Rules of Leasing – Ijarah. A Summary on Poverty Alleviation Seminar. Assignment of the Lease.

Islamic Banking Services in Malaysia. Philosophy of Economic Development. Istisna Istisna as a mode of finance. Central Waqf Act, India. Interim Report on Elimination of Interest. See our Cookie Policy. Diminishing Musharakah in Trade.

Impairment, Credit Losses and Onerous Commitments

Geographical Spread of IFIs. Operations of Islamic Banks. Free Trade as Imperialism. Comments on the Theory of Fiscal Policy.