Download your free PDF file of the dodge caliber on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. INTRODUCTION. This manual has been prepared with the assistance of service and engineering specialists to acquaint you with the operation and. Workshop Manual. Dodge Caliber Workshop Manual; (5, Pages). (Free) Owners Manual. Dodge Caliber Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free).

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I brought it to my mechanic Linh’s auto repair wilcrest dr. That should be it. Carefully pull it up until you can get at the connectors underneath it and disconnect those, then the connectors along the edge. I have a green 40 that has four places for fuses, and a red 10 and an empty space for a red 30 or 40?

Wow wow wow, I’ve read every post on this page. I just had the same problem this week with my Caliber. The Tire Pressure Monitoring Telltale Lamp will flash on and off for 60 seconds when a system fault is detected.

Liza answered 7 years ago. I also have a Dodge Caliber.

Dodge Caliber Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Whole thing shut down without warning. Speard the word maybe we can see a result!! He knows one person who has replaced this part 3 times.

I know just from owning this dangerous vehicle that here are people out there that have died due to dodg care being so improperly designed. I’ve had alternator replaced several times, battery repl several times, my interior dash lights half work, my cig lighter n 12v won’t work.

I can only get out of tickets for so long before cops start catching on that it’s not getting fixed. Sharon answered 4 years ago.

Also, have had both back windows fixed before the warranty was up because the motor went out even though I never use the back windows. Already I have a fuse that keeps blowing, can’t use electronic lock so the hatchback is always unlocked, no interior ligghts, no cruise control, no sound with the blinkers Got the solution in only DrewShady12 answered 3 years ago.


I have continuity to all fuses except the 2 ASD relays My problems are just starting Thanks everyone for sharing. One thing that did work in the interim of waiting for the Module to be ordered my mechanic added a kill switch to the car to keep the starter from being burned up.

In park when I put the turn signal on either way the park latch flicks on and off and the brake lights flash and then I turn my headlights on and the brake lights go on solid and the park latch fully disengages then you push the brake and everything seems to reset – so weird.

Replacing it could not have been easier but I immediately started having many other issues. I replaced battery but that wasn’t the problem We towed the car and got it replaced. Man I wish I saw this 2 years ago before leasing this dodge caliber sxt. Rytis answered 4 years ago. Tried again still not working. Electrician reseted TIPM and everything started to work again of cource he don’t know what long it will work because it was just simple reset threw computer but I think this way is much better than to change whole TIPM with USD.

So I brought the car back home and every time I go out everything comes back on and I’m stuck with driving at 20mph and my son has to keep restarting the fuse box. One thousand dollars too fix a bulb problem!! I drove a little bit more and the speed went down to 10 mile mph and it wouldn’t go over that speed Everything good till about and since then we have gone through 5 batteries and in our dash light went out and front left turn signal and back right turn signal. So after being stranded on the side of the highway three times and having to replace the starter 3 times we finally found the problem to be the Integrated Power Module.


Dodge Caliber Questions – Dodge Caliber fuse box problems – CarGurus

Left the dealer heard a loud scratching noise took it back they put it on a lift and called me in. Check engine comes on one day before work. Mechanics have told me this type o I am thinking claiber either needing an update for the TICM or this “new” box is damaged as well.

Hi, Thought that I do not type in this post but I’m doing it right now, I bought a car and there was not working right front light and as I have experience with cars so ownres that nothing more than a bulb or fuse will be but after bulb check I was started to read in web about calibers you probably know why. Manuxl someone please email me and help me hdominguez15 hotmail.

dorge Email is wolfchevy3 yahoo. I live paycheck to paycheck and do not have that kind of money to put into this car. Mine is a and the abs light comes on and then I can’t use the cruise control.

Your Vehicle Dashboard

I went through several headlights trying to avoid something major but sure enough. I am already regretting owwners purchase! Surinder answered 6 years ago. Upload Photo Photo optional.

Hopefully this can be resolved! I want to be involved in any possible chance of forcing a recall on this car.