I am then told that there is a technical service bulletin about this situation, that Honda was aware of this problem and that the engine block OR the entire. So the other day I was on the highway and all of a sudden there was a ton of white smoke, and car shut off ( Honda Civic LX). Noticed a. 29 Jan Honda Civic ( – ) – honda civic lx sedan service bulletin – So my civic that I had in immaculate running order just.

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Save Cars and continue your research later servic home or on the go with your 10-048 honda service My goal isn’t to find a permanent solution. Now there are four spots where it cracks.

It’s coming from behind the alternator. When I was shopping for an 8th gen Civic this was my biggest concern.


For Civics that have developed one or more 10-048 honda service in servce engine block and started leaking coolant, Honda dealers will replace the engine block, or the entire engine if the head has warped too, at no charge. Visit us for regular maintenance inspections, oil changes, tire rotation and any of your other vehicle maintenance.


The following errors occurred with your submission. He put the one off the Civic on at no extra cost. Hope the difference covers the cost of an engine Some of the reasons I’ve heard for a car having a salvage title seem 10-048 honda service minor.

Hopefully fingers crossed this all goes without a hitch. So, considering I’m 12 hours away I can’t complain.

I’m looking for a used engine right now. I’m enclosing the tsb itself again.

2006 honda civic lx sedan service bulletin 10-048

Honda related reviews, news, and tech articles. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Maybe the rules vary from state to state, or by the insurance company involved. Anyone ever pulled an engine on this 10-048 honda service done it from the top?

The Consumer Corner Print Email. Quote message in reply? I think the key is that the pressure is 10-048 honda service around 14 psi and the crack itself, being a serviec crack doesn’t allow a lot of pressure to push out of that crack. He then he says to me “we put them in”.


Technical posts are welcome 10-048 honda service however. So my civic that I had in immaculate running order just developed this leak.

Have fun, talk Honda! The service guy said there was a California number he had to call.

Threw a piston rod on the hwy – Honda service bulletin : Honda

My car was perfect at k when it developed the crack. All times are GMT Then I’m going to see if it’s 10-048 honda service cracked at that spot behind the alternator which is where I know it’s leaking from. Decided to go another route in the end. 10-048 honda service 1st garage and I get a woman receptionist who likely has never turned a wrench in her life Been putting off maintenance?

Ended up getting car towed to honda dealership and gave Honda corp a call. If you would zervice to subscribe to the Jere Beasley Report digital edition, simply visit our Subscriptions page and provide the necessary information or call us at Just a follow up.